Cruel Man Coaxed Kitty Closer To Him Then Kicked Him Like Football Into The Sea


Just the other day we heard about the amazing people in Turkey that were offering some comforts to stray animals during the cold, winter storm.
Now we see this guy. An evil human who, while laughing, kicks an unsuspecting cat into the ocean.

The video is actually from early 2016, and it was posted to Facebook by Sirin Babaa.
Despite the video being shared – nothing has been done to the man. Nothing. Sadly, no one knows what happened to the cat.
The waters of the Black sea were cold and icy.

Turkey needs to improve their laws about animal abuse, or this sort of thing will continue.
We need to share this story again and again. Maybe with enough negative publicity, something will finally be done.

Share this and then share it again.

We need to be the voice for helpless animals who are abused.

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