FDA States Alert After Little Girl Loses Clumps Of Her Hair From Using Popular Hair Product


Consumers should always read labels – for food, beauty or anything. Doing so would prevent unnecessary worries and troubles to come.
This is the story of an 11-year-old girl named Eliana Lawrence, who lost most of her beautiful red hair due to one beauty product.

2 years ago and right before she turned 10-years-old, Eliana’s hair started to fall off, patch by patch.
Soon enough, she became almost bald. This alarmed Eliana’s mother.
Wen Hair Care was supposedly ‘natural’, and even had a celebrity endorsing it! Evidently, these were all false claims just to market the products.

Eliana had only used Wen’s cleansing conditioner for a mere 3 times – only to invite devastating results.
However, it was not only the conditioner that is deadly to consumers