When Mom In Labor Fails Drug Test, State Threatens To Take Newborn Away Because Of Her Breakfast


Like most expecting mothers, Elizabeth Eden of Baltimore, Maryland couldn’t wait for her due date to arrive!
That morning, Elizabeth went to buy a quick breakfast for herself, and shortly after, she went into labor.
She was admitted to the St. Joseph Medical center and experience a smooth and safe delivery, and just like that, little Beatrice was born into the world!

He informed Elizabeth and her husband, Brian, that one of the many routine tests they’d run had come back positive. Opiates had been found in her system.

Both Elizabeth and Brian fervently insisted that there must have been a mistake and asked desperately to be re-tested.

Doctors did not test her again. Instead, little Beatrice was taken away and kept separately so that drug testing could be performed on her.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth was reported to local state authorities due to suspected drug use.
Social workers were sent out to visit their family home as well in order to search it top to bottom, and a caseworker was assigned to Elizabeth.

Over the next five days, Elizabeth felt like she was completely powerless and trapped in another dimension.
Beatrice was repeatedly tested every few hours in order to ensure that she was okay and to make sure she was not experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
It took a long, long three weeks, but Beatrice was finally considered free from drugs or opiates, and she was safe and happy.

Elizabeth’s caseworker soon uncovered the reason behind her false positive.
On the morning before she went into labor, Elizabeth’s breakfast of choice had been a poppy seed bagel. False positive tests for drugs – opium specifically – have long been attributed to poppy seeds.

This was an incredibly traumatizing incident for Elizabeth. Sadly, she is not the only mother who has been through this horrific time.

Two different moms in the United States alone have sued the hospitals they were in after being forced to go through similar accusations.

Poppy seeds are also not the only types of foods that can cause false drug tests.

Back in 2013, another mother received positive tests for methamphetamines on top of opiates, all due to a prescription medication she took for acid reflux.

Other parents have even had her newborn baby taken away and placed with a foster family.